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I ask my working students to commit for at least a year, this is usually starting in September since that is when school starts, our busy summer is over, and it seems to be the most likely timing. Sometimes students have started at a different time, depending on availability of a room in the house. The stable has 18 stalls, 8 indoor and 10 outdoor. The students live in a 4 bedroom house attached to the main barn. Everyone has their own room and the kitchen/dining/living/laundry room is common. The house has everything supplied but some students bring their own bedding etc. There is separate laundry for the horses and the students. The students work 6 days a week which can be flexible depending on the schedule. The day starts with feed at 6:00. The horses are left alone for 15 mins and the turnout/mucking/ stable work begins at 6:30. It is usually done by 9:00 - 9:30. We ride the horses, feed lunch, groom clean tack, feed at 4:00, pick stalls and done around 6:00. There is night check at 9:00 which is also a feed. The students get horses ready for me, warm them up or cool out, ride some of the horses under my supervision, and there are some youngsters to back with me. The students also teach some children on the ponies depending on the demand for lessons. I sometimes have afternoon lessons with ship in riders. The stable is private so there are no night riders/lessons.

Some students bring their own horses. I pay the students to cover groceries and essentials.

In the summer we go to shows and the students take turns at grooming and there is opportunity to compete on some of the horses in training, depending on what the clients want.


Basic knowledge of horse care is helpful but this is a learning position, ie working student


4 bedroom house attached to stable. On the St. Lawrence River for swimming.


Riding horses here that know the advanced movements, teaching, grooming at competitions


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